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5 weird startups (that are kicking ass)

In celebration of uniqueness, determination and truly left-field thinking, we’re putting the microscope on five weird startups that are smashing the glass ceiling of what business ‘should’ be.

5 professions that produce great entrepreneurs

There are relevant entrepreneurial skills to take from every position, no matter how small. Here are just a handful of the many careers that may have (unknowingly) set you up for success.

Are you chasing entrepreneurship for the right reasons?

The prospect of personal triumph, increased flexibility and only having to answer to oneself are just a few reasons entrepreneurship is so desirable... but if you're chasing the dream for the wrong reasons, you have an uphill battle on your hands.

5 (positive) things that will happen in the future of work

Curious about all this ‘future of work’ hype? Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what it is, or you’re wondering when you have to surrender yourself to our new cyborg overlords. Before you panic, let’s take a moment to assess the situation.

Josie Alec: Entrepreneur uncovered

Meet the incredible Josie Alec. A passionate teacher, artist and singer-songwriter, she has long shared her vibrancy for life and Indigenous culture with the world, but she felt a burning, ethereal drive to try something completely different...

Startup life: Myths busted

When you hear the word “startup", what images are conjured in your mind? Let's break down a few myths and take a deeper look at the reality.

How to prepare for the future of work

The phrase “future of work” is enough to spark fear in the hearts of employer and employee alike. 

But, let's not freak out. Here's how we can all use these changes to our advantage.

6 must-listen podcasts for entrepreneurs

If work and life get in the way of keeping abreast of everything in the entrepreneurial world, there’s some great podcasts you can tune into while on the move. Check out a few of our favorites.

Why do we still insist on team building days?

Bonding a team is important, but the tired old approach of getting everyone in a forced, artificial environment is really not necessary - and it doesn’t actually fix the problems of a dysfunctional team.

What the heck's the gig economy?

Recently, we got to discussing different kinds of entrepreneurs and methods of entrepreneurship. When we mentioned the growth of the gig economy it seemed we confused the room... what on earth is a gig economy, anyway?

3 tricks to develop big picture thinking

Successful entrepreneurs are up to 48% more likely to think 'big picture' than the rest of us. If you're constantly bogged down in detail, here's how to shift your thinking. 

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