Get the very best from yourself and others
at work.

F4S is a revolutionary People Analytics tool, based on
our world-first scientific studies of high-performance
individuals and teams.

It's the ultimate coaching tool to reveal the hidden
talents and blind spots inside yourself and your team.

people analytics software

Unlock Potential in Minutes.


Identify and amplify natural talents.

Understand and overcome blind spots.

Unlock more energy, motivation and fulfillment.


Collaboration, perfected.

Effective collaboration is the key to doing good work. 

That's why you're using tools like Trello, Slack and Google Suite to collaborate on projects with your team!

But what are you using to understand and improve the
human dynamics of collaboration?

It's time to start using a tool that helps you bring out the best in yourself and others at work.

people analytics tool

Understand work motivations.

In minutes you'll uncover your unique 'fingerprint', 
or what makes you (and your team) tick at work.

This is the key to:

  • find the right role 'fit',

  • improve communication,

  • map company culture,

  • reach your goals faster,

  • and have more fun doing it.

Unlock your unique 'Fingerprint'  → 

people analytics platform
people analytics for leaders

Benchmark for business success.

Benchmark your (and your team's) motivations against
the world's top performers, so you know exactly where
to focus your energy to make it to the top.

This will help you to:

  • make better hiring decisions,

  • choose your ideal co-founder,

  • eliminate time-wasting projects,

  • create unique benchmarks for your team,

  • and strategically plan your path to success.

Get easy (yet powerful!) people analytics for free → 


Personalized coaching in minutes.

In less time than a 'stand up' meeting you'll get
personalized insights to help you unlock 
potential in yourself and your team.

Our ultimate coaching tool will help you:

  • harness your strengths and
    overcome any blind spots,

  • unlock energy in each team member,

  • consistently get the best out
    of yourself and others,

  • and improve team leadership.

Get life-changing insights in minutes → 

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For the first time ever, the insights behind F4S are available for anyone to use. 
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See how it works.

For 20+ years, we've studied the world's most successful people to understand exactly what sets them apart. Now you can have access to decades of science-backed insights at your fingertips, absolutely free.


Join a thriving global community

Join a world-wide community of high-performers across 15+ countries! You can share your results with anyone in the world and benchmark your motivations in different cultures - making cultural misunderstandings a thing of the past.

Charle Charoenphan uses F4S, an online coaching software and business-saving tool

"A Business-Saving Tool"

It is a valuable tool for any company which values personal growth (and not just the number), as
the engine that drives their business.

I can not imagine how many businesses could have been saved, and disaster averted, had they known that F4S exists and how to use it effectively.

Charle Charoenphan
Co-founder, Hubba (Thailand)

Heather Wilde says Fingerprint for Success is a revolutionary people analytics software

"Indispensible & Revolutionary"

Fingerprint for Success is an indispensable
tool in any agile company's arsenal.

With the revolutionary and easy-to-understand insights it gives, it is my most highly utilized and recommended business management tool.

Heather Wilde
Unicorn Whisperer, INC Writer and Mentor


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