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About the webinar

Michelle Duval is one of the most sought after entrepreneurial and business coaches in the world. In this free, actionable workshop, she’ll share:

  • Which three dangerous business attitudes are found to lead to business failure (and how to correct them).

  • How to validate your business idea and accelerate your business growth like wildfire.

  • The one thing that’s correlated with profitability within each and every successful co-founding team.

  • Insight into your natural entrepreneurial talents and how they contribute to venture success.

  • How to identify your entrepreneurial blind spots and expose their impact on your business results.
5 Surprising Reasons Smart Entrepreneurs Fail (And How To Stop It Happening To You) is 100% tested and optimized for YOUR success with up to $372 value in bonus gifts for all webinar attendees!

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April 26
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May 10
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Launch Overview

5 Surprising Reasons Smart Entrepreneurs Fail (And How To Stop It Happening To You) is a powerful webinar that distills 20+ years of coaching experience from the world’s most sought after entrepreneurial coach, Michelle Duval.

Michelle delivers tangible, actionable business lessons over an entertaining and informative 60 minute webinar.

We’re seeing registrations of 36% for this webinar…seems folks just can’t get enough of it!

Rapid Scale: Secret growth strategies of entrepreneurs worth $1.2 billion+ (the program)

In Rapid Scale: The Secret Growth Strategies of Entrepreneurs worth $1.2 billion+ your members will discover:

  • Tried and tested tactics to overcome the blind spots that are sabotaging your success.

  • Immediate strategies to generate 10x returns on your investment.

  • How to dramatically boost the value of your partnerships and turn conflict to productive advantage.

  • The secrets of securing $$$$ in investment.

Price: $997

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