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 Creel Price, started business with just $5K and sold his business for $109m


Tune in to Michelle’s FREE 60-minute webinar: 5 Surprising Reasons Smart Entrepreneurs Fail (And How To Stop It Happening To You) to discover how she can help YOU avoid making the same mistakes.


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What you’ll walk away with:

In this free, actionable workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. Which 3 dangerous business attitudes are found to lead to business failure (and how to correct them).

  2. How to validate your business idea and accelerate your business growth like wildfire.

  3. The one thing that’s correlated with profitability within each and every successful co-founding team.

  4. Insight into your natural entrepreneurial talents and how they contribute to venture success.

  5. How to identify your entrepreneurial blind spots and expose their impact on your business results.

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Join Michelle as she shares the incredible insights gathered from 20 years of scientific research coaching leading entrepreneurs from around the globe.


Learn the secret strategies of startup superstars

This is your chance to learn from over 50 business plays that successful entrepreneurs have used to create sustainable competitive advantage.

The first 30 guests in the webinar will receive a FREE copy of Investible's Business Model Playbook. In this exclusive eBook you’ll gain the secrets of founders who have stood back, seen the bigger picture, and blown apart established models to sprout industry legends such as AirBnB, Uber and Atlassian.

  • Learn from 50 business plays - the smartest strategies to pinpoint how you can WIN against your competitors - with innovative company examples YOU can replicate in your business.
  • Identify areas of opportunity in your business so you can steal market share from your competitors.
  • Fast track your business success by learning the strategies used by successful startup companies.



Learn how to write “15 Minute Emails” to get customers fast (even if you’ve only got a tiny list)

Don’t think you need a big email list to generate results – a highly targeted list of 80 can get better results than a list of 7,000. In this remarkable program worth $375, email strategist Scott Bywater (who has personally written over 4,237 emails and conducted email launches that have generated as much as $400,000 in 7 days) will teach you:

  • how to write winning subject lines that get opened,

  • how to brainstorm all the content ideas you need (500+ email themes, fast),

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The webinar starts in


We’re going to help your business success skyrocket.

Not with woo-woo or wishes, but real science and decades of entrepreneurial coaching experience.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the webinar!


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