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About F4S

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is the destination for individuals and teams to discover and optimise their intrinsic attitudes and motivations relating to entrepreneurship and work.

Driven by incredibly accurate data and presented in a beautiful online platform, F4S generates a crystal-clear view of your entrepreneurial attitudes and blind spots, as well as powerful insights into your team’s entrepreneurial make up, including how to engineer greater opportunities for growth and venture success.

By becoming a fully certified F4S Coach & Consultant, you’ll join a global community of pioneering coaches, consultants and mentors committed to helping entrepreneurs and teams making their unique mark!

The F4S Coach & Consultant Training Program

Module 1: F4S Assessment Engine

In this two-day module you will gain a deep understanding and application of the Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation, (iWAM), the ‘intel chip’ that drives the F4S assessment engine, including:

  • Science of human motivation and impacts on work.
  • How to detect in just words and body language the 48 attitudes and motivations that iWAM assess.
  • In-depth understanding of each of the 48 iWAM attitudes and motivations.
  • Mechanics of how the assessment engine works (validity, reliability, etc).
  • How to conduct an iWAM debrief and feedback session.
  • How to use iWAM to unlock potential, increase productivity, fulfillment and success in various work environments.


Feb 28 & Mar 1, 2019

Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
Cost: $3,000 AUD + GST
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)


Module 2: F4S for Entrepreneurship

This second two-day module applies your understanding and use of IWAM that you achieved in module one specifically to the field of entrepreneurship and business success including:

  • In-depth analysis of the research findings of the attitudes and motivations of the top 2% of successful ventures.
  • Gain understanding into the key attitudes and motivations that are enablers and inhibitors to venture success.
  • How to conduct 30 minute, 2 hour and half day F4S debrief and feedback sessions.
  • How to conduct co-founder ‘unblocking + optimizing’ sessions.
  • Using F4S as an investor, accelerator, coach or mentor and consultant.


May 2 & 3, 2019
Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
Cost: $3,000 AUD + GST
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)


April 4 - 6, 2019
Cost: $3,000 AUD + GST
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)


Module 3: Coaching with F4S

The third two-day module will build on all the experience gained in Modules 1 and 2 to enable you to craft and execute specialized coaching interventions for coaching startup & scale up ventures, aspiring entrepreneurs, and innovators and disrupters, using F4S as your foundation. Including:

  • How to coach flexibility and adaptability of entrepreneurial blindspots.
  • Tools for designing entrepreneurial coaching interventions for founders, co-founders, accelerators, and enterprise clients.
  • How to facilitate individuals and teams to identify coaching goals to achieve specific business outcomes.
  • Coaching case studies of business exits, investment events, and business failure.
  • Using individual strengths and blindspots to coach high-performing teams.


Nov 22 & 23, 2018
Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
Cost: $3,000 AUD + GST
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)

Sept 5 & 6, 2019
Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
Cost: $3,000 AUD + GST
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)


Bundle modules and save!

Purchase the first two modules and save $1,100 USD/$1,500 AUD or bundle all three for an incredible savings of $2,200 USD/$3,000 AUD!

Value Bundle: Modules 1 & 2

Australia Bundle (Modules 1 & 2)
$4,500 AUD + GST
Save $1,500 AUD!
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)

Full Program: Modules 1, 2 & 3

Australia Bundle (Modules 1, 2, & 3)
$6,000 AUD + GST
Save $3,000 AUD!
+ 30% early bird discount (available at checkout)

  Michelle Duval  Founder + CEO

Michelle Duval
Founder + CEO

About your trainer and certification

At the end of the first two modules you will gain a certificate of completion and, after completing an assignment and 3 case studies in each module, you will achieve both an iWAM certification AND an International F4S Coach & Consultant certification. This allows you to use F4S in your business, company or for yourself and to also have the opportunity to join our F4S team and work globally with our users and clients.

Michelle Duval, the founder and creator of Fingerprint for Success, will lead each of these modules in an intimate and personal workshop style setting. You’ll receive immediate feedback and guidance to evolve your approach and application while practicing and engaging with other coaches and professionals.

At completion of Module 1, you can join the bi-weekly F4S global mentoring sessions without charge, where you will be supported by F4S and other F4S Coaches & Consultants from around the world. Bring your questions, case studies, and opportunities to evolve your knowledge in using F4S with your clients and teams.

Why become an F4S Coach & Consultant

Achieve results faster. Our benchmarking applications illuminate individual and team entrepreneurial talents – and blind spots – to achieve greater, more reliable results at speed.

Get actionable results, not generic personality traits. Our assessment engine creates unique results for every individual. We don’t put anyone into a meaningless generic box or personality type (we are definitely NOT a personality test).

Use world first reliable technology. Our global assessment has achieved reliability scores of between 89.9% and 98% and is the first of it’s kind that facilitates benchmarking against actual sample success groups.

Enjoy ongoing support and development. F4S Coaches & Consultants enjoy exclusive access to the F4S community of forward-thinking coaches, consultants and mentors, as well as exclusive F4S tools, tips and materials.

Create additional revenue. Offer F4S as part of your own business model as a new product and revenue stream.

Join a pioneering community. Join a like-minded community of global change makers committed to unleashing the unique genius of individuals and teams to positively impact the future of our world.


Who is it for?

  • Professional Coaches, Consultants, Mentors
  • Entrepreneurial Team Leaders
  • Angel Investors and VCs
  • Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR) within Accelerators + Incubators
  • Human Resource Professionals

What's Included?

  • Three Modules
  • Six days of face-to-face training with Michelle Duval
  • Ongoing support
  • Comprehensive manual and other resources
  • iWAM assessment
  • Full access to Fingerprint for Success

Upcoming Dates

Module 1

Date: June 28 & 29, 2018
Location: Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Module 2

Date: Aug 30 & 31, 2018
Location: Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Module 3

Date: Nov 22 & 23, 2018
Location: Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Training Fees

  • Module 1: USD $2,300/AUD $3,000 + GST
  • Module 2: USD $2,300/AUD $3,000 + GST
  • Module 3: USD $2,300/AUD $3,000 + GST
  • Value Bundle (Modules 1 & 2): USD $3,500/AUD $4,500 + GST (a savings of USD $1,100/AUD $1,500
  • Full Program (Modules 1, 2, & 3): USD $4,700/AUD $6,000 + GST (covers all three modules, a savings of USD $2,200/AUD $3,000)

If you require the option of paying in installments, please contact us via email at and we will be happy to assist.

What if?

You are already certified in iWAM?

Share your iWAM certification with us and you can most likely skip Module 1, and go straight to Module 2.

I want to skip a module?

Each of our incredible modules builds off the knowledge of the modules that precede it. If you're iWAM trained you'll be able to jump straight into module 2, but the knowledge from module 2 is essential to partake in module 3.

You can’t make one of the modules?

If dates collide for you, you can opt to join a future training in a different location or join another training in the same location within the next 12 months.

I want to do certain modules in different training locations?

Absolutely no problem! We're more than happy for you to mix and match training locations. The content is consistent so you'll have no issues attending the modules wherever suits you. Just be sure to let our team know on

Do you have any questions?

We would love to hear from you.

Shoot our Program Manager an email at and he’ll be happy to help!

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