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We’re as excited as a dog with two tails, with a panting tongue chasing a ball! Sounds a little bit much, but we really are THAT excited - we know what’s ahead of you and the significant personal and business insight that you are about to experience.

My biggest intention is that by working with you Rapid Scale becomes a truly life changing program for you personally and also for your business.

To achieve this, I urge you to get fully into each of the modules and bonus gifts that have all been carefully designed to work together to accelerate your personal and business growth.


Access to your Fingerprint for Success (F4S)

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Module 1 - Accelerating Growth

Unlock your natural business talents and overcome the critical blind spots that could see you fail.

Successful entrepreneurs think differently to most people. They have a deep understanding of the personal blind spots that could derail their business and, unlike most business owners who fail to take action, they leverage this insight to their absolute advantage.  In this module, Michelle will show you how to unlock your natural business talents and overcome the critical blind spots that could see you fail.

Each of your remaining modules will be delivered to you every Wednesday for the next three weeks.


Instant access to your Bonus Gifts to enjoy!  

Bonus Gift 1 - Fingerprint for Success Debrief with Michelle Duval

Worried you might not understand it all? Michelle will take you through all data and results step-by-step.

Have each of your 48 F4S results brought to life in an EXCLUSIVE overview and debrief for business builders seeking to build a long enduring business and for entrepreneurs wanting to start, scale and exit their business within 5-7 years.

Bonus Gift 2 - LIVE ‘Hot Seat’ with Michelle Duval

Join a LIVE & INTERACTIVE session with Michelle on Tuesday 9 May at 10.00am AEST, as she helps business owners, like you, to unblock their entrepreneurial blind spots.

To register and receive your access details for this live session, simply go here.

Armed with your personal F4S results, nominate yourself to become one of just THREE FOUNDERS (or team of co-founders) who will have their F4S assessment debriefed in a live, interactive session with Michelle. In this 20-minute 'hot seat' webinar, Michelle will highlight the most significant opportunities for immediate impact and long-term venture success.

To request to be one of the three hot seats, just hit reply to this email to let us know you’re interested!

Bonus Gift 3 - LIVE ‘Q&A’ with Michelle Duval

Your LIVE opportunity to ask Michelle Duval any of your burning questions is scheduled for Friday 19 May at 10.00am AEST. To register and to receive your access details for this live sessions simply go here.

A session with Michelle is worth thousands of dollars (and there’s usually a 12-month wait list). This is YOUR unique opportunity to jump the queue and fast track your business success with the help of Michelle.

You’ll learn the secrets of the enormously successful founders she’s worked with over the last 20 years and have your personal questions answered LIVE.

Ask questions about working in partnerships, choosing your ideal co-founder, working with investors and boards, overcoming past failure, dealing with stakeholder conflict, how to manage and optimize your personal blind spots, how to create a compelling company culture... to name just a few!

Bonus Gift 4 - Business Blueprint with Investible and Creel Price

An all-too-common site in Michelle’s career has been witnessing businesses both young and more mature chase opportunity with loose strategy and little direction. The Business Model Blueprint, developed by Michelle’s client successful entrepreneur Creel Price, who has designed curriculum for the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Investible and Club Kidpreneur, builds on the Lean Canvas model and assists founders to develop not only their value proposition (desirability), but delivery proposition (feasibility) and financial proposition (viability).

For a start-up business, this is all about creating the ultimate game plan for you in your industry. It will help you to scout out all the information that’s at play to help you develop a winning strategy with the oversight of a serial thriving entrepreneur who has seen it all. The Business Model Blueprint Methodology is a powerful tool to help business owners and entrepreneurs gain real clarity on their business model.

Click here to access your Business Blueprint, using the Promotion Code: F4S2017

Bonus Gift 5 - Speak the Truth in Business with ROCeteer and Christine McDougal

One of the most common questions Michelle is asked by entrepreneurs and business owners who have taken their F4S assessment is how to use the deep understanding of your team blind spots and unique talents to build stronger founding teams. Her response? Communication.

Managing and motivating teams through clear communication is critical to venture success, but many find addressing issues head-on intimidating. In this 90-minute group coaching session, Dr. Christine McDougall will show you how to have even the most important and difficult conversations with compassion and care. Experience a powerful seven-step process that will ensure communication with your team, co-founders, your board and your investors is crystal clear, professional and achieves the outcomes you seek.

The session includes a copy of Dr. Christine McDougall's ebook featuring all the exclusive steps you'll learn.

Click the link below to access this bonus valued at $500:


Speed Demon's Gift

Big hoorah and congratulations if you were one the fast ones to take action (as this is one of the critical attitudes of successful entrepreneurs)!  If you were in the first 30 to sign up for Rapid Scale you will be sent your very special Bonus Gift of TWO additional F4S Assessments for you to give to a partner, friend, or team to share your Rapid Scale journey with.

If you were not in the first 30, you too can share the journey: just hop into the F4S app once you receive your access details and you’ll be able to purchase additional access for USD $99.00 at any time.


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