Discover what makes a successful entrepreneur. 

Did you know that successful entrepreneurs all share a similar set of attitudes and behaviours? And that you can learn these preferences and use them to help you achieve business success, too? 

Because while a great idea and ambition will get you so far, it's the unique behaviour of successful entrepreneurs that really sets them apart. 

Discover the secret talents that make a successful entrepreneur with our FREE Entrepreneurs Guidebook. Download your personal copy today and see how your attitudes compare to the world's most successful founders. 

How does F4S help me become a successful entrepreneur?

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) benchmarks your unique talents against entrepreneurs who exited their business for between $6 million and $1.2 billion.

By assessing 48 of your intrinsic attitudes and motivations, we can illuminate your talents to optimize and the blind spots to beware.

F4S is your unique road map to fast track entrepreneurial success. 

Creel Price

Author + Co-Founder of Investible

"No other tool is as powerful or insightful to identify and develop entrepreneurs as F4S."

Heather Wilde

Unicorn Whisperer, CTO, ex-Head of Support for Evernote

"F4S is an indispensable tool in any agile company's arsenal. With the revolutionary and easy-to-understand insights it gives, it is my most highly utilized and recommended business management tool."

How does Fingerprint for Success work?

We've studied the behaviours of successful entrepreneurs for 20 years and identified the common attitudes that signal the likelihood of success. 


Why should I use F4S?

You'll have unlimited access to our exclusive data, videos and insights in one sweetly‑designed web app.

  • Understand how your unique motivations can be leveraged to fast track your success and gain the confidence to start your own business.
  • Expose risks in your business before they bite you in the you-know-where.
  • Discover if you'd benefit from a co-founder and ensure their talents complement your own.

In case you were wondering...

So, is F4S a personality test? 

Hell no! We assess 48 of your intrinsic attitudes, motivations and preferences, in the context of your work and business. You could also call each one an interest, filter, focus or style.

What's a motivation? 

Motivations, or how you prefer to work, are what you naturally gravitate towards, versus the stuff you put off until tomorrow.

How does the online assessment work? 

Over roughly 15 minutes you'll answer 40 questions and rank five possible answers. By the end, you'll have worked through 200 test items, measuring 48 motivations at least four times. Yep. We're thorough.

Why should my team use F4S?

Other than the fact that you're a really great founder?

  • With F4S, you can build founding teams that work together more effectively and in synergy, maximizing hidden talents and minimizing fallout from blind spots.
  • Share and compare F4S results with your team, your peers, your VCs.
  • Feel confident in our world-first technology, powered by 20 years of studies.

What else can we tell you?

The geeky bits:

F4S is based on 20 years of qualitative and quantitative studies of successful entrepreneurs and business owners using correlational analysis with specific business results. Our global academic studies are ongoing. A study of the 'intel chip' that powers the F4S assessment engine found a reliability score of 89-98%.

I don't really do data. Is it all a bit complicated?

We want F4S to be simple to use, so we translated our study data into sparkling visuals, videos and insights, so you can easily see how you compare to successful entrepreneurs.

But what if I'm no good as an entrepreneur?!

Our science shows there's no such thing as a good or bad entrepreneur, but with F4S you're aware of your talents and can optimize your blind spots. Then, nothing stands between you and world domination.

Trevor Folsom

Chairman + Angel Investor

"All entrepreneurs love data for running their business, but all fall short on having any data on themselves. As an angel investor, I have found F4S an invaluable asset in backing and supporting founders."

Emma Isaacs

Founder and Global CEO, Business Chicks

"As an entrepreneur, there's nothing more powerful than growing your self-awareness. F4S provides the opportunity to explore what's missing and what you need to work on to get ahead."