We help co-founders and co-founding teams. 

What is F4S? 

F4S is a platform that brings together a community of founders and business owners who want to become better in business.

We assess your unique talents using our entrepreneurial profile tool. Then, using our online tools and resources, we coach you to really focus on the areas scientifically proven to the have the biggest impact on your success. With the help of F4S, you'll uncover the business blind spots that you didn't know existed, and turn them to your advantage.

Why join the F4S community?

We help co-founders become better leaders and build great businesses. 

  • Uncover the personal blind spots holding your vision back.
  • Give confidence to accelerators, incubators and investors by sharing your business building ranking.
  • Build efficient, productive teams around skills, not experience.
  • Use F4S tools to maintain focus and achieve your goals. 
  • Increase your chance of achieving success through self-awareness.

Who F4S is for?

Whether you're a co-founding team who are starting up, scaling up or looking to exit, F4S can help.

  • Co-founders who want to identify their combined entrepreneurial blind spots.
  • Co-founders wanting to optimize their partnership and leverage complementary talents.
  • Co-founding teams wanting to bring out the best in each other.
  • Co-founders seeking to validate their likelihood of venture success to boards and investors.

What's included in your membership?

We include five critical tools as the foundation of your Lifetime Membership:


The F4S Entrepreneurial Assessment Tool

A scientifically proven assessment to identify your unique entrepreneurial talents.


The F4S Entrepreneurial Benchmarking Tool

A benchmark report that prioritizes your critical areas to focus on.


The F4S Investor and Accelerator Ranking Tool

Match your motivations against those of successful entrepreneurs and compare your results against others in your network. 


The F4S Co-Founder and Team Comparison Tool

Compare your results with your co-founder, startup team and investors to overcome business blind spots and create stronger teams. 


The F4S Personal Coaching and Advice Tool

48 quick and clever videos that explain the blind spots you need to focus on and the areas you should optimize and actionable steps to help you achieve your goals written by the world's leading entrepreneurial coach and tailored to your results.


How it works

Take our simple 15-30 minute online questionnaire. We measure 48 attitudes that gives an immediate personalized insight on where to focus your attention. 

  • Voilà! Get your results instantly.
  • Compare your unique results against world-class entrepreneurs.
  • Learn how to optimize your skills and compensate for blind spots as individuals and as co-founders.
  • Pay it forward. Invite others in your team to build more productive business units.  
  • Re-assess your evolving skills against your co-founder to stay on track.
  • Sell your business for billions. Retire. Buy an island in the Caribbean each.

The science-y bits

Over 20 years we collected data from a ‘hidden population’ of successful Australian entrepreneurs and the Australian workforce. From the findings of our academically rigorous and peer-reviewed world-first study, we’ve defined: 

  • Attitudes that distinguish successful entrepreneurs from the working population. 
  • Behaviors that correlate with business success and failure.
  • Attitudinal ‘blind spots’ that threaten startup success.
  • Correlations between specific attitudes and funding and exits.
  • Critical differences required in entrepreneurial leadership and business building.
  • How venture success can increase through founder self-evaluation.

Success Stories


Whether they’ve scaled up, accelerated growth, or exited their business, everyone who completes F4S has an inspiring story to share.


Mark Rowland

CEO DTP Ventures, Co-Founder styleTread

"I have used Fingerprint for Success with a number of our startups to support investment due diligence; recruitment of co-founders; dealing with team dynamics and co-founder conflict.  It is an amazing tool, which has an incredible depth of detail and allows for greater understanding and application."

Creel Price

Co-Founder + CEO Investible

"No other tool is as powerful or insightful to identify and develop entrepreneurs as F4S."

Join us today! 

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