We help medium-, large-scale and global organizations. 

Why join the F4S community?

We help big business build great teams by benchmarking talents against the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business builders.

  • Culture-map your organization. Identify high-potential innovators, intrapreneurs and change-makers.
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial talents through ongoing support and development.  
  • Provide quantifiable results of cultural change and focus within your organization to boards, shareholders and investors.

Who should use F4S?

  • Leading edge organizations optimizing for strategic innovation.
  • Any company implementing change management to transform their organization and people.

  • Companies seeking to adopt agile and lean methodology from startup philosophy as a channel for accelerating growth.


What you’ll get.

Acquire precise clarity of your organization’s alignment with the specific attitudes of successful business builders and entrepreneurs to curate teams, set business goals, embed culture and provide laser-focused mentoring and support.

F4S Membership

F4S membership includes a suite of tools designed to optimize your workforce:


The F4S Entrepreneurial Assessment Tool

Scientifically proven individual assessments to identify talents.


The F4S Entrepreneurial Benchmarking Tool

Ranking of individual and group attitudes against success metrics.


The F4S Investor and Accelerator Ranking Tool

Benchmark reporting that prioritizes critical areas to focus on.


The F4S Co-Founder and Team Comparison Tool

Comparison tool to assess individual and organizational opportunities and blind spots.


The F4S Personal Coaching and Advice Tool

Actionable recommendations at an individual and organizational level to achieve goals.


The science-y bits

Over 20 years, we collected data from a ‘hidden population’ of successful Australian business owners and the general Australian workforce. From the findings of our world-first study, we’ve defined:

  • Attitudes that distinguish successful business builders and entrepreneurial talent from the working population.
  • Behaviors that correlate with business success and failure.

  • Attitudinal ‘blind spots’ that threaten an organization’s success.

  • Critical differences required in entrepreneurial leadership versus business building.

Find out more  

F4S consults to and works with a number of global organizations to internally drive and encourage entrepreneurial behavior.  Discover how we can help your organization today.

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