Chief Technology Officer

We are looking for a CTO who loves technology, who loves a challenge, and who wants to really bring about change in the world. Is that you?

We are looking for a startup CTO with strong leadership and technical skills with whom our business resonates and who is excited about the challenges of leading our stellar and diverse technical team and building our platform using technologies such as machine learning. The key technology in our platform are node.js, responsive web & React on AWS.

This is an absolute key position for F4S and we’re looking for someone who will have the technical experience, drive, and leadership acumen to help steer product development and technical delivery successfully through a lean/ agile product development process.

We want a sharp mind who understands the convergance of design, business and technology and how to leverage all 3 in delivering a great product to market. The CTO will be working closely with the Founder and CEO in a senior leadership role with influence over the direction of the company and autonomy and ownership over the evolution and development of the platform.

Some key skills we are looking for:

  • Senior developer capable of system architecture, solution design, leading our technical team and our companies technical strategy
  • At least 3+ years building full-stack web applications using node.js with a deep understanding of Javascript software development
  • Experience with GIT, AWS, setting up build pipelines & Linux CLI
  • Experience implementing front-end frameworks using React + Flux or AngularJS
  • Solid knowledge of web application development and standards - HTML, CSS/Less/Sass, Responsive
  • Knows RESTful API development inside-out
  • Security aware and focus using standards such as OAuth.
  • Postgres or similar RDBMS development and design

We're also looking for someone who can:

  • Provide technical leadership and development, leading and mentoring our technology team
  • Still hands on and loves building software and code
  • Lean startup mentality and an eye to good UX and design
  • Strong understanding of modern web-development practices, architecture, and engineering
  • Good communicator & leader with a high degree of autonomy

If you’re interested in being involved in an early-stage startup, working with frameworks like NodeJS and React+Flux on a modern web development stack, and have the ability and enjoy the challenge of providing technical direction and development for a unique web-based digital product we’d love to hear from you!

To connect, please send your resume (along with your salary expectations) to

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Ever wonder why you have conflict with colleague but can’t put your finger on the cause? Why do certain people always get back to you at the utter last minute every time? Why do some team members seem to operate like super-humans under pressure but without a deadline they’re completely different? Why your boss was infallible with a team of 10 but struggled with a team of 30? These are all problems F4S solves. We scientifically uncover the motivations behind people, present them in a beautiful UI, give deep insights and actionable advice, and help create tangible outcomes for heightened interaction, engagement, and output.

F4S is the next-generation in human assessment, analytics, insights and change and is based upon world-first research into human motivation in entrepreneurship and its correlation with venture success. We are growing fast and backed by some of the most recognized names in the Australian investor scene.




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