Got a great startup idea? Enter the Battlefield.

TechCrunch’s epic Startup Battlefield is coming to Australia! This is a tough competition for the most innovative business talents around. Find out how you can get in on the action.

by Catie McHugh
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Technology media giant, TechCrunch (in partnership with ELEVACAO) is bringing their brilliant business combat zone, TechCrunch Startup Battlefield to Australian shores.

It’s tough, it’s competitive, and it is designed to take early-stage startup ventures to the next level, with expert pitch coaching from Battlefield editor Samantha Stein and unprecedented exposure on offer for competitors. The ‘gamification’ of startup culture is a unique move, with competitors even winding up on a leaderboard, eSports-style. And it clearly works - Dropbox and Mint count themselves among the Battlefield alumni.

So, why Australia? Well, it seems that between Australia and New Zealand, there’s innovation in spades. After all, success stories like the aussie Atlassian and New Zealand’s Xero are experiencing stratospheric growth from their humble startup beginnings.

Are you ready to drop in and do battle against the up-and-coming startup elite? Here’s what you’ll need in your field kit to apply:

  • An early stage (pre A-round) startup.
  • A functional prototype.
  • World-class determination and entrepreneurial prowess.

You could be the very first Startup Battlefield Australia winner! Why not use the Fingerprint for Success entrepreneurial toolkit and get the edge in your startup training and development?

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