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Why do we still insist on team building days?

Bonding a team is important, but the tired old approach of getting everyone in a forced, artificial environment is really not necessary - and it doesn’t actually fix the problems of a dysfunctional team.

What the heck's the gig economy?

Recently, we got to discussing different kinds of entrepreneurs and methods of entrepreneurship. When we mentioned the growth of the gig economy it seemed we confused the room... what on earth is a gig economy, anyway?

3 tricks to develop big picture thinking

Successful entrepreneurs are up to 48% more likely to think 'big picture' than the rest of us. If you're constantly bogged down in detail, here's how to shift your thinking. 

How to choose your co-founder

What makes a good co-founding team? How can you quantify the success of a business relationship? How do you transform a partnership that’s veering off course?

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